King's Online

Last week the new King’s Online Technology Innovation Hub – known as ‘Ludico’ – joined us at the King’s Service Centre. King’s Online works with faculties across King’s College London to design and develop fully online masters programmes. The new team will be dedicated to producing game-based learning and other experimental technologies to support the online programmes, ensuring that King’s Online’s offerings remain at the very top of the e-learning field.

Increasingly, evidence suggests that game-based elements help learners remain engaged with their online courses, and this has been an area that King’s Online has been particularly interested in exploring for some time now.

To begin with, the team will create games that are web-based, single session and single-player, with predominately 2D graphics and various ‘branching scenarios’ style gameplay, and will expand in scope and complexity as time goes on.

To find out more about this new team, please contact Louise Bennett, King’s Online Instructional Technology Manager: