Spotlight on Nick

Senior Service Desk Analyst

photo of Nick

Nick has worked at King’s Service Centre since 2019, joining as a Service Desk Analyst he was promoted to Senior within five months.

He says ‘The biggest difference in being a senior over an analyst is when you resolve an issue, a senior would look at the issue and try to understand why/how it happened and then implement a solution so that in future it doesn’t happen again.’

Looking ahead, Nick say he is very happy on the IT Service Desk so would like his career to continue there. His favourite part about the job is the social aspect. Nick went on to say ‘Working on a service desk with so many amazing people gives for great relationships and allows you to enjoy coming to work.’

When asked his favourite thing about working for us he responded;

‘I have worked for many employers in the past but none of them are on the level of King’s Service Centre – the understanding and willingness to help with external work factors have been faultless and I can’t thank them enough for the support I have received.’

We are currently recruiting for this role so if you think this sounds like the perfect job for you please click here for the full job description.