Open Conversations

We recently launched ‘Open Conversations’ after listening to what people within King’s Service Centre said they wanted.

Once a month we give our colleagues the chance to have their say on topics that matter to them with our Executive Team. They can choose to attend either a breakfast or lunchtime session with Gareth Wright, our Managing Director of King’s Service Centre and Director of IT Services, and John Butterworth, our Director of the Office of the CIO. All sessions are scheduled to last approximately one hour but due to success they have run for longer!

The sessions allow people to ask questions, speak their mind, and hear what the Executive team have to say on it. People are also encouraged to attend even if they don’t have anything to say, and just want to listen. All staff are welcomed.

It is also an opportunity for the Executive team to speak to people and hear what is being said, offering them the opportunity to take action where required.

So far sessions have been well subscribed, and as an additional bonus the Executive team provide a delicious breakfast or lunch to go with it!