Spotlight on the Directors

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we are celebrating our apprentices. We’ll be sharing their stories and achievements all week, as well as learning more about what goes into providing first-line IT support for the entire King’s community.

King’s is committed to serving society and a key part of delivering on this commitment is to widen access to opportunities for people from all backgrounds through apprenticeships in order to support them in developing their skills, gaining vital experience and opening up exciting career paths.

This year’s theme is ‘Build the Future’, so we’ll also be exploring the Service Centre’s commitment to Cornwall. Since opening in 2015, it has consistently recruited from the local area, championed staff development and delivered graduate and apprenticeship opportunities.

This investment in the next generation has ensured the Service Centre is never short of excellent talent. Twenty-five apprentices have passed through its doors, with over half staying on and continuing their careers with King’s.

Today, we asked two of our Directors how they feel the apprenticeship scheme has helped King’s Service Centre to train, re-train and achieve its goals.

Gareth Wright is the Managing Director of King’s Service Centre, his department employs most of the apprentices within the organisation;

“Technology services are vital to the success of King’s College, and it was essential we created a world-class Service Centre to facilitate the ongoing needs of the university to support its future success.  Skilled IT job opportunities are difficult to come by in this region, King’s Service Centre provides an amazing opportunity for people in the county and through our apprenticeship programme we are also training the IT professionals of the future.  As a Cornishman myself, I have been thrilled to be able to bring these fantastic job opportunities to the county, as well as high quality vocational training through our introduction of apprenticeships.”

John Butterworth is Director of the Office of the CIO, King’s College London. This department are responsible for the training and development of staff within the organisation;

“As Director of the Office of the CIO, one of my responsibilities is to look after our approach to developing talent. Over the past few years we have been delighted to see apprentices join us and make a strong contribution to the work of King’s and at the same time build their skills and a really good platform for long-term career success. Our aim is to build long term talent; so to see some of our apprentices on their fourth role with us, shows that this approach is working well: benefiting apprentices and the organisation alike.”


If you are interested in an apprenticeship at King’s Service Centre then please keep checking our social media channels for opportunities.