Spotlight on Alex

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we are celebrating our apprentices. We’ll be sharing their stories and achievements all week, as well as learning more about what goes into providing first-line IT support for the entire King’s community.

King’s is committed to serving society and a key part of delivering on this commitment is to widen access to opportunities for people from all backgrounds through apprenticeships in order to support them in developing their skills, gaining vital experience and opening up exciting career paths.

This year’s theme is ‘Build the Future’, so we’ll also be exploring the Service Centre’s commitment to Cornwall. Since opening in 2015, it has consistently recruited from the local area, championed staff development and delivered graduate and apprenticeship opportunities.

This investment in the next generation has ensured the Service Centre is never short of excellent talent. Twenty-five apprentices have passed through its doors, with over half staying on and continuing their careers with King’s.


Today our spotlight is on a member of our team who completed his apprenticeship at King’s Service Centre and has worked his way up. He shares with us his career progression and his advice to those thinking of applying for an apprenticeship.

Alex, what made you choose an apprenticeship rather than other education options?

I wanted something working with computers. When I looked into college courses there wasn’t an IT specific course. When I saw the opportunity to learn on the job this seemed ideal to me.

How was your overall experience as an apprentice at King’s Service Centre?

It was really good, I enjoyed what I did and learned a lot. It opened opportunities for me along the way.

How has your career developed since completing your apprenticeship?

Once I completed my apprenticeship, they hired me as a full time Analyst. Soon after that I was promoted to Senior Analyst on the Service Desk, so they obviously did a good job of training me.

After that I moved to the Service Asset and Configuration Management team. My job entails; hardware support for the building, inventory, auditing and assisting with software licensing where necessary.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

They will learn a lot. If they are interested in learning about computers and IT it’s a really good option to pursue.

Alex is just one example of the progression of previous apprentices within King’s Service Centre, Rhys & Austin have also been promoted three times since they completed their apprenticeship. Of those that have completed their apprenticeships, all but one have been offered a full time Analyst role upon completion.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at King’s Service Centre then please keep checking our social media channels for opportunities.