King's Digital Futures Programme

Nurturing & developing talent

King’s Service Centre continue to offer support and opportunities for people starting out in their careers. This enables us to develop worthwhile learning opportunities that will hopefully lead to full time permanent employment either with King’s or other employers.

The programme brings together all opportunities by formalising the approach in a well-planned and managed way.

The range of opportunities has grown in recent years – starting with the Grad Scheme in London 2013, the introduction of apprenticeships in Cornwall in 2015 and work experience opportunities were offered to local schools and colleges in Cornwall from 2017. The first Student Analysts were employed to work weekends on the IT Service Desk in 2019, Sam is a current Student Analyst and he said;

Working as a Student Analyst for King’s Service Centre was an amazing opportunity at a young age. It allowed me to complete my college work throughout the week un-interrupted, then over the weekend be able to work regular hours learning and taking on many new skills and a great deal of IT knowledge. With the flexible hours of the role, I was able to work during the holidays on weekdays which allowed me to get to know and build relationships with members of my team and many other teams within the service centre. It was helpful to see the different skills needed for within the week as opposed to just the weekend. I feel extremely grateful for this role as it has provided me with so much opportunity and knowledge when still in education, I can’t thank King’s enough!

In 2021, we plan to support the Government backed Kickstart Scheme with a number of placements starting in September.

If you are interested in any of these early career opportunities, then please email to find out more.